Experts in Infrastructure and in Energy and Environmental Regulation

Consulting and Advice

We help our clients understand the impacts of sectoral legislation and regulation on their business models.

  • Regulatory Advice - Technical support for understanding the impacts of regulatory changes and for the elaboration of contributions in public consultation processes

  • Business Models - Technical support for understanding all current regulations and their effects on customer business models

  • Advisory Opinion and Technical Statement - Issuing of Advisory Opinion and Technical Statement

  • Regulatory Impact Assessment - proposing solutions to market failures and regulatory barriers

Courses and Training

We offer executive training courses in loco, specially designed for the needs of our clients.

  • Brazilian energy regulation

  • Economy applied to energy market

  • Game theory applied to energy market

  • Auction Theory applied to eneregy market

  • Linear, nonlinear, integer and multicriteria optimization applied to energy market


RegE is above all a knowledge center, so we make available to the public and subscribers specialized articles, newsletters and technical reports on topics on the regulatory agenda of the energy sector.

  • Articles

  • Newsletters

  • Technical Reports

R&D and Innovation

RegE attaches great importance to the production of knowledge and innovation and works in partnership with other companies in the execution of projects in the Research and Development Program of the National Electric Energy Agency - ANEEL.

  • Projects of R&D and Innovation

About Us

RegE is a company specialized in knowledge that works to promote market development, sustainability and regulatory efficiency in the energy sector.

Our expertise is based on the combination of practice in formulating and evaluating public policies and regulation with the scientific rigor of conducting research projects, with a focus on engineering and economics.

We aim to transfer value to society through consulting, technical assistance, and training.


Design business models and provide regulatory solutions for the infrastructure sectors through applied research and innovation, policy dialogue, advisory, and training.


To be a center of excellence in knowledge dedicated to designing contractual and regulatory solutions for the sustainability and efficiency of the energy market.


Integrity, transparency, commitment, innovation, results, ethics, excellence, quality, sustainability, efficiency dialogue and confidentiality.


Our Code of Ethics establishes the basic and general conditions to be adopted by the company, its partners and employees, in order to maintain its activities within the strictly technical, moral and ethical standards recognized by the local, National and international societies.

Our Team

Tiago de Barros Correia

Managing Partner

Tiago de Barros Correia is an economist, and specialist in public policy and government management with more than 14 years of experience in the Brazilian Federal Government. He was Director of the National Electric Energy Agency - ANEEL - from 2014 to 2018.

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55 61 9176-7344

Paulo de Barros Correia

Managing Partner

Paulo de Barros Correia is an electrical engineer, Ph.D. in energy planning, and an expert in game and auction theory, and linear, nonlinear, integer, dynamic and multicriteria programming. He is a professor at the Department of Energy, of the State University of Campinas - Unicamp.

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Natália Addas Porto


Natália Addas Porto is a mathematician, Ph.D. in energy systems planning, and specialist in renewable sources, carbon credits, pricing and commercialization of electricity. She was an Adviser to the Board of Directors of the National Electric Energy Agency - ANEEL from 2015 to 2018, and Energy Planner of Companhia Paulista de Força e Luz - CPFL Energia from 2018 to 2019.

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Hugo Leonado Gosmann


Hugo Leonardo Gosmann is a control automation engineer, and specialist in public policy and government management, and international relations. He had worked for 10 years in the Brazilian Federal Government in the areas of oil & gas, renewable energy, and mining. He acts as United Nations Consultant in Public-Private Partnerships with a focus on transportation and logistics.


Miguel Vazquez


Miguel Vazquez is an electrical engineer, Ph.D., and an expert energy markets and regulation. He is also a part-yime Professor at the Florence School of Regulation at the European University Institute.